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flight case appearance
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Flight case case appearance (multiple colors) :

LED display packaging refers to the product transportation, storage, sales and other circulation process, in order to protect the product, convenient storage to promote sales. flight case case packaging can not only protect LED display products and turnover, but also effectively protect products from the impact of wet weather and impact in the process of packaging, transportation and storage. The use of flight case case packaging can improve the turnover of finished products, but also improve the added value of finished products, protect products from damage.  

Then LED display packaging need a sense of dignity and class, traditional black panel to add silver aluminum, white and black are popular, with the use of LED display environment is different, the external packaging requirements of LED display more and more high, the Shinkansen launched a variety of color is tie-in, aluminum can use blue, yellow, red, orange, black, etc., the panel can use blue, yellow, red, orange, black and so on different color is tie-in, can also choose to hexagon, right Angle lines, skin wrinkles, different color is tie-in. Through the different combination of flight case case appearance to give customers and users different senses. Shinkansen aluminum case for customers to provide different combinations for customers to create different value.

The use of different color combinations will certainly make our products more colorful, so that customers more trust and love.